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Cursuri online până la sfârșitul anului

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Lista de cursuri care or să fie disponibile până la sfârșitul anului

În limba română sunt disponibile peste 50 de titluri de curs iar până la sfârșitul anului vor fi disponibile peste 100 de cursuri online în limba română.

1 Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals
2 Cash Flow Management Essentials for Non-financial Professionals
3 The Time Value of Money and Investment Decisions for Non-financial Professionals
4 The Essentials of Budgeting for Non–financial Professionals
5 Financial Statements for Non-financial Professionals
6 Analyzing Financial Statements for Non-financial Professionals
7 Organizational Budgeting Activities and the Master Budget
8 Planning and Preparing an Operating Budget
9 Preparing Operating Budgets and the Cash Budget
10 Using Budgets for Management and Control
11 Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation?
12 Negotiation Essentials: Planning for Negotiation 
13 Negotiation Essentials: Communicating
14 Negotiation Essentials: Persuading 
15 Negotiation Essentials: Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiations
16 What is Emotional Intelligence?
17 Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-awareness and Self-management
18 Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job
19 Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time
20 Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time
21 Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers
22 Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan
23 Managing Your Career: Getting on the Right Track
24 Managing Your Career: Professional Networking Essentials
25 Managing Your Career: You and Your Boss
26 Managing Your Career: Leveraging the Performance Appraisal
27 Essential Selling Skills: Mastering Cold Calling
28 Essential Selling Skills: Qualifying Sales Prospects
29 Essential Selling Skills: Closing the Sale
30 Competitive Marketing Strategies: Conducting an Internal Analysis
31 Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Competitors
32 Competitive Marketing Strategies: Selecting and Implementing Strategies
33 Building Lasting Customer-brand Relationships
34 Developing a Brand Internally
35 Global Brand Management
36 Brand Management for Social Media and Wireless Technologies
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